Mova camp participation conditions (mova-TC)

1. Scope

1.1. The Bula 2021 association organizes the national camp 2022 ( hereinafter referred to as mova ). These camp terms and conditions of ( hereinafter referred to as mova-TC ) are addressed to all participants, unit leaders and escorts, visitors, guests and rovers ( including rover crew ). The following refers to all participants .

2. Definitionens

2.1 Camp

2.1.1 The term camp, as part of the mova-tc, is understood to mean the camp site set up by the mova organizers for the participants during the specified camp duration.

2.2 Camp site

2.2.1 The camp sites includes all areas and buildings provided by the mova organizers

2.3 Camp duration

2.3.1 The duration of the camp is specified as follows:

  • Construction phase I & II: 9. Juli bis 22. Juli 2022
  • Camp week I: 23. Juli bis 29. Juli 2022
  • Camp week II: 30. Juli bis 6. August 2022
  • Dismantling phase 7. August bis 14. August 2022

2.3.2 The arrival and departure phase of the participant is considered as part of the camp. The camp arrival begins with the boarding of the transportation organized by the mova crew. The camp ends when participants are getting out of the transportation organized by the mova crew.

2.3.3 Private arrivals and departures and not covered by the mova-tc. In this case the camp duration begins with the check-in and ends with the check out at the camp site .

2.3.4 For international participants, mova begins at the start of the journey from a Swiss railroad station and ends at the camp check out.

2.3.5 Participants will only participate at the mova during their allotted camp time.

2.3.6 For guests and visitors the individual visiting times on the camp site will be considered as camp duration.


2.4 Troop / Unit

2.4.1 A Wolf, Scout or Pio Unit / Troop , as defined by mova-tc, consists of at least twelve participants excluding leaders. A PTA unit / Troop consists of at least twelve participants including leaders. There is no maximum size for a unit. Each mova unit requires at least two leaders.


2.4.2 Unit leaders have the responsability and duty of supervision for the participants in their units and must exercise thise diligently.

2.5 Rover

2.5.1 According to the mova-tc, rovers are all persons who have registered as a helper for mova via the mova helper tool and are at least 16 years old.

2.5.2 Furthermore, all persons who organize the camp ( mova crew ) also belong to the Rovers.

2.6 Visitors

2.6.1 Persons who have registered on a official visitors day of a unit are considered as visitors according to the mova-tc

2.7 Guests

2.7.1 Guests, as defined in the mova-tc, include all persons who have registered in advance and booked a guided tour. This also includes the guests of a unit who did / do not participate in the official visiting days. It also includes so called spontaneous guests who do not belong to any unit, but nevertheless want to visit the camp for a short time ( max. one day )

2.8 Nonregistered persons

2.8.1 The presence of unregistered persons on the campsite is prohibited. They have to register immediately at the mova reception desk. With their registration they agree to the mova-tc and become guests.

3.Camp rules (Camp rules mova)

3.1 The participating person agrees to the camp rules of the mova and undertakes to comply with them.

3.2 The mova organizers can define further camp rules on site, which are equally binding

3.3 In case of rule violations, the mova organizers decide on the consequences.

4. Data protection

4.1 Image rights (Code of conduct for image creators )

4.1.1 The participant herby declares to the camp and ist superior / associated scout clubs his/her consent that picture and sound recordings of him/her may be used free of charge for the following purpose: Publication on the website, on social media platforms, in the annual report, in other reports and publications. .

4.1.2 The publication of the image and sound recording is governed by the Code of Conduct for Image Creators.

4.1.3 The participant has the right to contact the BuLa21 office ( Verein Bundeslager 2021 c/o PBS, Speichergasse 31, 3011 Bern, ) at any time to request the deletion of a picture and/or sound recording showing him/her without cause.

4.1.4 The PBS reserves the right to use the image and sound recordings after the dissolution of the Bula 2021 association for its purposes, for future camps and Pfadi events of the PBS

4.2 Privacy policy (Data and privacy policy )

4.2.1 The participant consents to the processing of his/her data in accordance with the data and privacy policy

4.3 IT services

4.3.1 The participant shall refrain from any criminal act by means of and on the IT services provided

5. Emergency fact sheet

5.1 Unit leaders bring their participants completed and current mova emergency fact sheet to the camp

5.3 The management / storage of the emergency fact sheet of the participant during the camp duration is the responsibility of the unit leaders

5.4 Rovers will hand over their mova emergency fact sheet at the rover camp check in. After the camp the emergency sheets will be destroyed.

6. Finances

6.1 The units must transfer the camp fee for all participants before the camp starts. The camp fee must be fully paid in order to receive the train tickets.

6.2 The rovers must have transferred the camp fee before the start of the work assignment.

6.3 The camp fee will not be refunded if a participating person leaves the camp before the official camp end.

6.4 If the camp cannot be held, is postponed or cancelled, an amicable solution will be sought. A refund cannot be guaranteed.

7. Handling of material and infrastructure

7.1 The material and infrastructure provided by mova shall be treated with the necessary care and may not be misused. Damage caused by improper use must be paid for by the person(s) causing the damage.

7.2 Anyone who buys / rents / loans sensitive and/or valuable material for the mova or withing scope of the mova is responsible for its correct / careful storage and usage.

7.3 Items purchased by the Bula 2021 Association remain the property of the Bula 2021 Association and must be returned.

8. Animals

8.1 Animals are not allowed on the camp site

9. Insurance and liability

9.1 Approperiate insurance is the responsibility of the participant

9.2 The mova does not assume any liability for damaged, lost or stolen items.

The following additional provisions apply to the below listed indiviuals:

10. visitors

10.1 Parents and accompanying persons are reminded that they must carefully fulfill their duty of supervision towards their children (who are not participating in the mova as participant ).

10.2 Visitors shall comply with the instructions they receive regarding their visit and the day of the visit

10.3 Visitors are only allowed to visit the mova during their provided time slot

11. Guests

11.1 Guests can only access the camp site during bookable guest tours

11.2 Guests are not allowed to visit the camp during official visiting days. Anyone visiting the camp during a official visitors day is a visitor. Anyone visting the camp during a non-visiting day has to book a guided tour and is a guest

11.3 There is no guided tours for guests on official visiting days.

11.4 Guests shall follow the instructions they receive as part of a guided tour

12. Rover

12.1 The rover fulfills his/her assigned work assignment. He/ she carries out his/her work assignment conscientiously and carefully.

12.2 Emergency rovers on duty and on call will be located in person or by function and recorded on the situation map