Camp rules

We are very excited that you are participating in the Swiss National Jamboree 2021 – the mova. We look forward to a great camp and hope for a peaceful and serene environment. To this end, we are respecting the Scout Law. 

At mova, there are camp rules. We will thus pay attention to: 

… the interaction with other people:

We ask for permission if we want to visit the campsites and tents of others. 
We respect the quiet times.

…everyone’s safety:

We always wear our mova IDs. 
We follow the directions and signs and we ask if there is anything we do not understand. 
We only use the provided fireplaces and we do not light fireworks or similar items. 
We only go into the water at the indicated locations. 
We do not fly drones in the Goms region. 

…our appearance in public:

We contact the camp’s executive directorate and the media office before talking with journalists or other media representatives. 

…our duties:

We fulfil our duties consciously and we report if we cannot do this. 
When we leave our group, we announce it to the people who are responsible for us. 


We ask our leaders or the mova hotline for help in case something is not working as it should. 
We ask our leaders or the care team for help in case we are not feeling well. 

…the consumption of substances and alcohol:

The consumption of alcohol is allowed in designated areas for leaders, rovers, guests and visitors who are at least 16 years old. 
If we smoke or consume other tobacco products, we do it only in the areas provided for this purpose.  
We do not consume illegal substances, including cannabis. 
We do not consume CBD or spirits. 

… the handling of the campsite and the environment:

We are guests in Goms and as such, we show respect for the nature and the locals in the region. 


These rules apply to all people who take part to the mova from the moment they leave their homes until the moment they return there (for international contingents read “from the moment they enter Switzerland until the moment they leave the campsite”), and for all visitors of the camp. 

The Swiss law is binding. In case of any violation of the above-outlined rules, the direction of the camp decides on the consequences. These can go as far as an expulsion from the camp and, in serious cases, they may entail legal consequences. 

→ If there is anything you do not understand or have questions concerning the rules, you can write to