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Mova has made it to the official event calendars of WAGGGS and WOSM!

This is the official website for international participants of the Swiss National Jamboree 2022.


Are you over 16 years old and looking to take a part as a volunteer in the Swiss National Jamboree 2022? Our volunteers are called Rovers and fulfill a vital roll in making “mova” happen. Register individually or with your group (2 to 24 people) for this unique adventure here.

July 23rd – August 6th 2022

Scouts will turn a part of the valley in the beautiful Goms region in the Canton of Wallis / Valais into a gigantic campsite!

Patrols are formed of 6 participants plus 1 adult leader (over 18 years old) each. 1-3 patrols will form a unit. Each unit will be matched with a Swiss unit to facilitate inter-cultural exchange and logistics. The matching will happen after the definite registration of Swiss and international units in autumn 2021.

A typical summer camp of a Swiss scout group costs about 200.- to 300.- CHF per participant. Included in this amount are often transportation, food, camp activities and accommodation. For our Swiss National Jamboree we expect higher costs due to more complex administrative and logistic tasks. The target price is 500.- CHF for international units per person (leaders and participants). A percentage of this amount will have to be paid until 60 days after the final registration. The rest will be required in spring 2022. This includes: all camp activities, food and beverages for the duration of the camp, access to the campsite, a souvenir (scarf, shirt or similar) plus the transportation from any Swiss train station to the campsite by public transport.

Everything in Motion

In the Swiss National Jamboree “mova” we experience movement in every respect. We move all the scouts in Switzerland – and some beyond – to the Goms Valley. Throughout the programme we will experience movement of physical and mental nature through personal progress and the broadening of our horizons. Not only do the tectonic plates (on which the the sub-camps will be stationed) move; we move towards each other: Scouts from different language regions of Switzerland as well as from different countries will all be part of the approximately 35’000 scouts populating a single gigantic campsite for two weeks. Together we can move mountains!

Get ready to move!

The Swiss National Jamboree takes place roughly every twelve to fourteen years. In 2022, we will stay on one camp site in the beautiful canton of Wallis (Valais). Each participating Swiss scout unit will have their own camp site within the Jamboree. International units will be paired with Swiss units after the registration and have one campground together, with a campground size that takes their total group size into account. This amazing opportunity gives you the possibility to share your daily camp life with your Swiss hosts. Together as one group, you and your Swiss hosts will book programme units and organise own ones. So, you will have the same national Jamboree experience as every other participating Swiss unit. The programme will be very similar to “normal” Swiss scout camps. Besides camping outdoors, this means a lot of different activities. From sportive games, creative experiences to hiking the beautiful hills and valleys of Switzerland – you will definitely get to know Swiss scouting. As it is a national Jamboree, there will also be special activities that you can book together with your Swiss host group. Not to forget the opening and closing ceremonies, which will bring us all together. Further information about the programme will be available at a later stage.

The final registration process is closed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact international@mova.ch